Konstantin A. Makarov

Department of Mathematics, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211


Ph.D. Students

• Vita Borovyk (graduated 2008)

Box approximation and related techniques in spectral theory 

•Anna Skripka (graduated 2007)

Trace formulae in finite von Neumann algebras

• Vladislav V. Melezhik (graduated 1995) 

The quantum few-body scattering problem on singular potentials

• Vasilii A. Buslov (graduated 1992) 

The hierarchy of time scales in the discrete orientation model


Master Students

• Billy Horwitz (graduated 2017)

Rise of Entrophy

• Bryan Novak (graduated 2017)

Inducing stability or instability in the special cases of the swing and pendulum

• Amanda Bright (graduated 2016)

Applications of Brouwer's Fixed Point Theorem

• Aaron Yeager (graduated 2013)

From the Law of Large Numbers to the Quantum Zeno Effect 

•Alexei Kryuchkov (graduated 2004) 

The Extended Matrix-Tree Theorem, Characteristic Polynomials, and Applications



Konstantin A. Makarov, Eduard Tsekanovskii

Dissipative and Non-Unitary Representations and Quantum Measurements

World Scientific, 300 pages, 2022.

Publications and Preprints

89. The Livsic function of a homogeneous  symmetric  operator (with E. Tsekanovskii) (to appear). Oper. Pure and Applied Functional Analysis (2023). 

88. On the invariance principle for a  characteristic function (with E. Tsekanovskii) (to appear). Oper. Theory Adv. Appl. (2022). 

87. On the c-entropy of L-systems with Schrödinger  operator (with S. Belyi, E. Tsekanovskii) 

Complex Anal. Oper. Theory 16 (2022), no. 8, Paper No. 107, 59 pp.

86. Representations of commutation relations in Dissipative Quantum Mechanics, (with E. Tsekanovskii) (preprint), 168 pages (2020). PDF

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